Enirgi Battery Technology

High Quality, Reliable, Powerful... 

Enirgi Power Storage supply a range of high quality starting, start stop and dual purpose batteries covering a wide array of applications. All of our batteries feature innovative technology to provide ultra-reliable starting power. The automotive range is sealed and maintenance free which maximises convenience and safety. 


Enirgi Power Storage Product Ranges:    Enirgi Power Storage E3000+


Sealed and Maintenance Free  

Specially developed lead calcium grids provide improved resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, shelf life, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries. 


X-Frame Technology

X-Frame technology uses a manufacturing process called 'stamping' to produce patterned and fully framed grids. This is a different technique to conventional battery construction which delivers more stable power and longer battery life. The fully framed grid design prevents grid growth which can reduce the life of the battery. 

The advanced grid design provides maximum flow of current. It enables faster recharge acceptance and optimal conductivity. Power is maximised by ensuring there is more lead where electrical current is the greatest.  


High Quality Components   

Enirgi batteries feature nonwoven tissue, this specially designed tissue increase plate durability and longevity by significantly reducing the loss of active mass. Protecting the plate in this manner extends the life cycle of the battery. 

 Micro Fibres Enirgi Power Storage Australia Battery


Battery Structure   Enirgi Battery cut away

  1. X-Frame Grid Technology and Grid Protection technology
  2. Enveloped separator for low electric resistance
  3. Advanced centre lug technology and cast-on strap
  4. Sealed double lid with flame arrestor
  5. Integrated computer-designed and reinforced container
  6. Magic Eye Indicator (conveniently displays the state of charge)



Download Info Sheets

Automotive Market Info Sheet Enirgi Power Storage Australia     4X4 Market Info Sheet Enirgi Power Storage Australia     Start Stop and Hybrid Market Info sheet           

Automotive Market Info sheet                     

4X4 Market Info sheet           

Start Stop and Hybrid Market Info sheet                            



Enirgi provide a warranty against defects on all of their products.