Enirgi Power Storage

We are one of Australasia’s leading suppliers of batteries, capable of supporting every commercial and lifestyle need.

Enirgi Power Storage is the first fully integrated national power storage company that can take care of the full life cycle of batteries - from supplying new batteries, collecting the old ones and then recycling them.

We are your battery specialists. Our goal is to look after the diverse battery and power storage needs of our customers, ranging from small businesses, through to national companies with large vehicle fleets and extensive industrial facilities.


Battery Sales

With outlets around Australia and New Zealand, we supply Enirgi branded advanced automotive and renewable batteries, plus a range of leading consumer brands including Trojan, Ritar, Motobatt and Kage motorcycle batteries.

The team at Enirgi are battery experts and can provide advice on any battery or power storage needs for businesses, residences and all forms of equipment. Our focus is on empowering our customers with the knowledge to make the right battery and power storage decisions, and then supporting them with first class service.

Battery Collections

Enirgi is unique in operating its own nationwide battery collection system, taking all types of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) and Used Non Lead Acid Batteries (UNLAB) from our own outlets, our distributors, other retailers and major battery users.

We have the largest agency network backed up by a national support centre and trained sales executives, who provide regular collection reports and a hassle free compliant service.

Our Australia-wide agency and service network delivers a consistent, professional outcome in all aspects of recycling including collection, identification, packaging, documentation, material disposal certificates and transportation - all within best practice and legislative guidelines. We are committed to protecting the environment and aim to assist our clients and business partners to do the same.

Battery Recycling

We are industry leaders in recycling batteries and providing solutions to businesses that have to manage large volumes of used batteries. We understand the issues associated with managing and disposing ULAB and UNLAB and offer a range of logistical and management solutions to make this process simple and efficient.

We operate two dedicated, modern battery recycling plants that break ULAB into their component parts so the materials can be recycled and used again.

About Ramcar Group of Companies 

Ramcar is one of the largest and most fully-integrated battery manufacturers in Asia. The team at Enirgi Power Storage are proud to be part of the Ramcar Group of Companies.